Marketing Department

The Marketing Department was engaged in a series of marketing activities in 2013 to increase awareness and sale of the goods and services of the Corporation thereby increasing the Return on Investment (ROI) to our stakeholders.


  1. To increase awareness
  2. Increase customer base by12% annually
  3. To continually repackage existing products and develop new goods and services.
  4. To increase customer satisfaction
  5. To improve customer retention
  6. 6. To continually conduct customer service training

Mail & Parcel Deliveries

They're not just for letters. You can use your PO Box address for parcel deliveries, too.


Your Office Boxes 

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Parcel & Mails

  • Domestic Mails
  • International Mails
  • Trace Your Mails
  • Buy Your Stamps/Philately

Financial Services


  • Money Transfer
  • PMT
  • Western Union
  • Ria Money Gram 

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West Africa 

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